The worst baby names

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Worst baby names

So we were only just revealing the top baby names of 2015 the other day, and since then the worst names in existence have come out.

People were asked to reply to a post on a recent Rediit thread and there are some right shockers on the list!

Here are a few of the worst…

Britney Shakira Beyonce – yes, that is her full name and she would be addressed with the full version all the time.


Kaizyle – Paisley was in the mothers top names, but she deemed it too ‘normal’

Revlon – a little boys mummy’s fave brand of make-up.

Mazen – Because ‘it was mazen when he was born’

HellZell – the mum liked Hazel, however the dad was a biker and into Hells Angels, so they got creative!

hells angels

Gabriel and Grabriel – twins! the latter defo got the raw end of the stick.

Brixx and Ryot – Two little brothers…

After reading these we found a few more after a trawl on the web…

Like – The young couple were so obsessed with Facebook they decided on ‘Like’ for their newborn.

Obamaniqua – The urban dictionary describes this one as ‘A ghetto-fabulous African-American that loves president Barrack Obama.’


Jammy – because they didn’t know the correct spelling of Jamie

L’ORÉAL, JOOP AND DKNY – A real life story from one of the mags, a woman called her little girl L’oreal and her boys Joop and DKNY