Autumn shoots

Book a photoshoot today for your family. We have minishoot sessions available for £5 each in Grosvenor Park, Chester or extended private photoshoots are £15 at a location of your choice, or if you can’t think of anywhere we have a list of leafy locations.

We have great offers on our package at the moment, including one free portrait and two free 14×11 enlargement prints. Prices and packages start from £45. Don’t miss out on capturing autumn with your family.

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Well this time last year I was huge and ready to pop out Rosie, Four days overdue by this point and not happy. If somebody would of told me I still had another 6 days to wait I think I would of pulled her out myself. Anyway most of us have been there and by the day she was actually ready to come the sheer agony was making me want to push her back in. She came along on March 1st, missing the leap year baby tag by just a few hours and just in time for Mothers Day which that year fell on the 6th.

As you can imagine my first mothers day was a little up the wall with a brand new baby, I was slightly weary and all that, but in between all the mayhem Eddy got us to have some photies and with my mum too – as an added Mother days bonus – I was a bit tired for all the cofuffle but looking back I am glad I got my act together for it!

Mothers day is a little later this year falling on Sunday 26th, so a few more weeks to decide what to do, we’ve already got it sorted and have lots of specials to celebrate it. Check them out here and celebrate mums with us!!