Cameras Ready Prepare to Flash!

Cameras Ready Prepare to Flash is our photography based team building event that promotes teamwork, creativity, technical ability, and a little bit of healthy competition!

Try your hand at photography

The aim of the day is to give everyone the opportunity to be a photographer and take a professional portrait using top-of-the-range cameras and studio lighting.

Learn a few simple technical and creative techniques that you can take away and use to make your own photographs a little bit better.

We try to keep it fun and not too serious – think of it like a glorified photo-booth, only with professional cameras and studio equipment – and you are the photographers!


Groups are split in to teams and compete to win the highest score in the vote.

Each person within each team will take one portrait during the session. At the end of the session all the photographs will be viewed by the group, and each image will be marked out of ten by the opposing teams.

After the vote the group with the highest score will win the day!

As an added extra we will pick our favourite photo of the day and the photographer and subject will also win a prize.

Who is photographing who?

Each person takes it in turn to take a photograph of one person from the opposing team.

The photographer decides on the creative theme of the portrait, whilst taking in to account wishes of their ‘client’ – the subject.

This creates a fun and lighthearted atmosphere, as employees get the chance to work together to produce a striking image of their colleagues!

The teams work under the direction of their ‘photographer’, to set the lights and camera to achieve the chosen photographic style.

Choose your style

We offer a choice of four striking photographic styles which you can choose for your portrait, each with a unique set of technical requirements, in terms of lighting, camera settings, equipment and backdrop.

Each style focuses on a different aspect of photography, and gives you the opportunity to get creative with your shots.

Teams will be provided with clear and simple how-to booklets which explain the lighting configuration required to achieve each look. Your team will need to work together, using the guides to set up the shot for the photographer and help direct the shoot.

The Bounce Photography team will be on hand to offer expert guidance throughout the day, with technical hints and advice on composition to help teams create a perfect portrait.

High Key

This striking modern style makes for a clean and fresh look, and is often used in fashion photography. The plain background makes it distraction free, so it’s all about the subject.

Its great for using props, works well with bright, bold colours. This style was made popular by the famous icon David Bailey, seen most recently with his portrait of the Queen.

Film Noir

This dramatic low-key look hails back to 1940’s Hollywood. Usually taken against a black background, this set-up makes the most of directional lighting to create atmospheric, stylistic portraits, which are perfectly suited to black & white.

For anyone who has seen Sin City recently, that film makes great use of film noir style lighting.

Painting with Light

Create colourful images using light forms to create trails of light. This set-up relies on teamwork and co-ordination to get the right timing to capture the shot.

You can get creative with your light trails, use different colours to add interest. This technique was seen recently on Talk Talk’s sponsorship idents on the X factor.


Graphic images that emphasise shape. Capture strong body shapes or use props, and get creative with vibrant background colours.

This look inspired the iconic Apple Ipod advertising campaigns.

The benefits for your team

The event has specific aspects that will help companies to achieve their teambuilding objectives.

Leadership skills – each photographer will need to direct their team to co-ordinate the correct technical set-up, for each photographic style. The teams have a set timescale in which to take their portraits, so they will need to work together quickly to get the shot done before moving on to the next person.

Communication skills – teams will need to interact and work together to create their desired look. Photographers need to build rapor with their subject to get the best out of them, the more relaxed the subject is, the better the portraits will be.

Boosting morale – the nature of the event gets everybody working together and having fun, to create a lasting memento from the day. ‘Can you believe one team printed their shots off & they are all on the wall at work’ Rachel Glendenning, Business Controller, Arla Foods

Photography is also a great accessible skill, so it’s easy for people to be imaginative and get striking results.

Learn Photography

Photography is becoming more and more popular, and on the day teams will learn a few simple and effective techniques for taking better photographs.

We have composition guides with tips & techniques for creating great looking images. We also have a guide on directing your subject, and teams will learn a few professional tips on taking flattering photographs with good posing tips.

Tips and techniques are simple enough to be taken away and used to improve their own photography.

Get creative

Once the lights are set up, teams have the chance to get creative. We have a whole selection of props you can use to add interest to your shots, and you are welcome to bring anything you may want in your own portrait. Hats, scarfs, sunglasses, instruments or sporting equipment all add interest to portraits. At the last event we even had a Labrador join the fun!

The Edit

After the shoot everyone gets the opportunity to preview their shots, and choose their favourite. With one of our expert photographers they will carry out digital editing, to produce a professional image using Photoshop. They will be shown easy techniques and tips on cropping the image, using filters and airbrushing.


‘I can highly recommend the session Bounce Photography ran for our recent team building event. Eddie’s passion for photography shone through & together with Lindsay’s enthusiasm we had an action packed fun day. Not only did we learn about how to take photographs, light shots to achieve different end results & use props to add drama, everybody got a chance to take photographs & be photographed. However the really fun started when the teams edited their shots & the end results were fantastic! Eddie & Lindsay also managed to bring a light natured competitive element to the day with teams voting for the winning shot. I’ve attended many team days in the past but I can honestly say this is one of the best with everybody engaged & working together. We also all had a great professional photo as a memory of the day.’
Rachel Glendenning-Business Controller, Arla Foods

‘I went into the day thinking I would rather be playing a round of golf. However, when it started I was totally surprised, as it’s been one of the best days we have ever done.’
Paul Adamson-Biott, Arla Foods



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